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To make Soif, we blended two spontaneously fermented ciders aged on cherries and strawberries and added almost one tonne of red wine skins (Maréchal Foch) for an extra month of skin contact. It's a red fruit bonanza.

What's it like?: Maréchal Foch and Montmorency Cherries meld into plush textural bliss. Strawberry aromas waft over it all. The fruit acids here are bright and lively.

Soif drinks like what wineries say their rosé tastes like—actual strawberries and cherries. It’s not shy, and really hits you over the head with fruit. The best part? It's dry and tart, with zero residual sugar (like all our ciders).

Soif is easy. A thirst quencher; a glugger; a quaffable refresher.

6.4% ABV | 750mL

Ingredients: Apples, cherries, strawberries, grape skins. Gluten free.

Zero sugar. Wild fermented. Vegan.

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