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Spring came early.

Spring is blend of 3 different ciders, with a 7 month semi-carbonic maceration of blue, yellow and golden plums.

We add the plums whole to our cider, letting them ferment from the inside out. This makes the plums even juicer, and almost candy-like—balancing the plum acidity and totally dry cider with the natural sweet notes of the plums.

What's it like? Spring surprisingly smells vaguely like strawberry cotton candy, without being sweet. It also smells like, well...plums! The ripest ones though - we get them freshly picked out of Niagara once each year. No pasteurized purée here, just whole, real fruit.

The flavour is tart art — crunchy acidity meets plum stone tannins and a chewy-ness that feels adjacent to our favourite Provençal rosés.

6% ABV | 750mL

Ingredients: Apples, golden plums, red plums, blue plums. Gluten free.

Wild fermented, zero residual sugar, vegan friendly.

P.S. If someone wanted to make us real strawberry cotton candy, we wouldn't say no.
A poem for you:

Three ciders matured on plums over the winter.

Three ciders came out this Spring to play.

Dancing sunbeams and crunchy plum tannin. Is there a plum La Croix?

There should be. For now, there's Spring.

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