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You Are My Sunshine
You Are My Sunshine
You Are My Sunshine

You Are My Sunshine

You Are My Sunshine

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Meet our newest vermouth. You Are My Sunshine is our first Blanco Vermouth, made in collaboration with our friends at Willibald Distillery.

The idea behind it was to make a vermouth perfect for Negronis, when paired with Willibald Gin. It's a heck of a lot more versatile than that though.

Like all of our vermouths, this one can can also be enjoyed on it's own, over a big cube of ice. Or, mix it up with a Mezcal Negroni (scroll down for the recipe).

What's it like?

The initial aromas are of fresh lemon rind, cardamom and sweet apple pie. Sipped on it's own the stars of the show are: citrus, white flowers and cinnamon. Apple acidity balances the sweetness, while tarragon and yarrow provide an herbal depth.

Without a doubt, this is the best vermouth we've made to date.

If you're sipping it on it's own, we prefer it with a big ice cube for a little dilution to make it really shine.

14.8% ABV | 750mL

Because this release is a collaboration, we took the opportunity to use some less-than-local ingredients, as our friends at Willibald don't constrain themselves to the same creative sandbox.


Base: Northern Spy & Reinette Russet Apples, with cane sugar for sweetness.

Botanicals: Lemon Verbena, Horehound, Yarrow, Lemon + Orange Peel, Cardamom Elderflower, Tarragon, Orris Root, Fruit Mint, Cinnamon. Gluten Free.


Our favourite Negroni recipe (with Willibald Gin or Mezcal):

- 1 oz You Are My Sunshine Vermouth
- 1 oz Willibald Gin or Mezcal if you like it smoky (our favourite: Mezcal Amores Verde Momento)
- 1 oz Campari
- An orange rind to garnish

How to: Stir with ice, then strain into a glass with fresh ice. Rub the orange rind over the rim of the glass, then drop it in for garnish. Enjoy.

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