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The NYE Pack

The NYE Pack

The NYE Pack

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After rigorous testing, we can confidently say our ciders taste just as great on zoom calls as they do hanging with friends in person.

So whatever you get up to this NYE, you can't go wrong with 2 Pét Nats and our Sidra Natural.

This 3-pack includes 3 of our most celebratory blends.

The bottles included are:

  • 1xPear-Nat (2020)
  • 1xSoma (2020)
  • 1xEstrella (2020)

Here's our recommendation for what NYE might look like:

  1. Sipping on bubbly Pear-Nat while you get ready for a dance party in the kitchen 💃
  2. Drinking Soma while attempting to get your friends to unmute themselves over Zoom (how haven't they figured it out yet?).
  3. And long pouring Estrella for the perfect Instagram shot, to show everyone just how much fun you had this NYE (it's actually really fun to pour though).

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