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The Amphora 3-Pack

The Amphora 3-Pack

The Amphora 3-Pack

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This pack features our first 3 forays into the world of amphora ageing. Each of these 3 blends was aged in amphora made in Italy from limestone rich clay. Each are bright, textural and wildly interesting,

This pack includes two ciders and one wine from our ibi wines project. (ibi is a collection of grape wines that are untethered, wild and strange)

You'll get:

1 x Mesa: Sidra Natural bottled still, the Spanish way. Aged on 3 different crabapple skins for texture. Clay adds a ton of minerality, and Mesa smells like wild apples pressed between the limestone rocks of Tobermory. Use the special cork to do the long pour!

1 x Schist: Dry and sparkling, Schist is like Champagne from rocky soils. Funky/fresh with rounded acidity. It smells like French cidre, but tastes like crabapple flesh, wet river rocks and fresh Ghee.

1 x Grotto: A weird white wine, dressed as a red. 70% skin fermented Muscat Ottonel, + 30% De Chaunac. Grotto drinks like a cool climate Syrah vacationed at the royal botanical gardens. Mega floral — Like acacia flowers, and violets blooming in a rock garden. Lightly chill, and decant if desired.

What is an Amphora?
It's a clay pot, first used to ferment wine 6000 years ago. Amphora add unique notes to wine and cider, from the mineral content of the clay and porosity of the amphora itself.
Ours are made with galestro clay from Impruneta, Italy. It's high in limestone (calcium carbonate) — which has changed the flavour of our cider and wine in a big way. The acidity has dropped significantly, and the minerality + earthy notes have all been amplified.
Amphora are porous, so the micro-oxidation level is similar to that of an oak barrel, but more consistent. Oxygen adds texture and rounds out the flavours in each blend, but too much too fast can be a problem. Amphora give a continuous (low) dose of oxygen. Oak barrels give an inconsistent oxygen dose over time because of the way wood swells with liquid.


These bottles are best enjoyed while stopping to appreciate that each of the physical things we use come from the earth, but only a select few of them truly celebrate that fact.

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