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The Cocktail Kit
The Cocktail Kit
The Cocktail Kit

The Cocktail Kit

The Cocktail Kit

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Dry Vermouth + Revel Pét Nats + Bubbly Rosé

We love easy cocktails, and nothing pairs better with our dry vermouth than our wild fermented ciders. We've put together 3 easy recipes (which you can find here) that use each of the liquids in this pack.

Each Cocktail kit includes 4 x 750mL bottles, and 4 x 355mL cans:

1 bottle: The Spot We Dreamt About Vermouth,
1 bottle: Porter's Perfection pet nat
1 bottle: Chisel Jersey pet nat
1 bottle: Soif
2 cans: Perry de Coupage
2 cans: Olo

Download your recipes here and get your party started!

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