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Soma 2020
Soma 2020
Soma 2020

Soma 2020

Soma 2020

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Soma is a Pét Nat apple wine.

What does that mean? We cryo-concentrated the juice for Soma by letting it freeze outside during the winter of 2020. We then let it spontaneously ferment outside as spring temperatures rose, and bottled it early to allow fermentation to finish in the bottle.

Pét Nat is short for pétillant naturel, a French term that just means we bottled this beverage before fermentation was complete. Finishing the ferment in bottle captures the natural carbonation produced by our native yeast, meaning we don't have to add any bubbles afterwards. This technique captures many of the delicate fruit aromas that can otherwise be lost during the ageing process.

It also means you'll find some natural sediment in the bottle. To serve, we recommend refrigerating upright, and leaving the sediment behind when pouring.

What's it like? This year's vintage is lighter than previous iterations. It starts with aromas of brioche, and lemon rind. Citrus-like acidity and bright candy apple notes shine in the flavour. Tart with just a flash of perceptual sweetness, this vintage of Soma is perfect chilled well with dinner al fresco.

8.5% ABV | 750mL

Ingredients: Apples (Macintosh, Red Prince, Honeycrisp, Empire). Gluten free.

Zero added sulphites, wild fermented, zero residual sugar, vegan friendly.

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