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When we first started making cider, we had a problem.

No one was growing tannic apples back then, so we had to get creative. We started adding grape skins and other fruits to our ciders, to build out texture and body without any residual sugars. Over the years this became our signature style.

This pack contains two of our favourite blends to come out of this: Soif and Line Drawing. Both are 750mL bottles, and you'll get one of each here.

Soif: is a blend of apples, Montmorency cherries, strawberries and red wine skins (this year, Maréchal Foch). Soif is a plush dream of red fruit. Cherries and strawberries dominate the nose, but the flavour is dry and textured from the wine skins. It's a mind trip to have sweet fruit aromatics, without any of the sugar.

Soif has been our most popular bottle by far for the last 5 years. 6.5% ABV | 750mL

Line Drawing: is a cider from Ellis Bitter apples, aged on Vidal skins from our orange wine. Ellis Bitter is a tannic apple we've quickly fallen in love with (this is our first year working with it). It's low in acid with gritty tannins, and layered with softer Vidal tannins, each sip turns into a delightful tannic puzzle. White wine skins here add notes of honeycomb and peaches. Line Drawing has a touch of soft funk from our wild fermentation too. 8.4% ABV | 750mL


Both blends are wild fermented and unfiltered, with zero residual sugar.

Like all of our ciders, both are vegan and gluten free too.

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