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5.8%, 750mL


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A story of fruits, grains and friends.

Many, many, (many) moons ago, the folks at Burdock set out to make a beer with their kitchen's sourdough culture. They added corn and spelt to the beer giving the yeast something to chew on as it lay in barrel.

The beer was delicious - wide texture, bakery aromas, but lacking in acid.

Burdock dialed our direct line (411-ACID) and we accepted the challenge. We tasted through almost every tank in the cidery but came to the conclusion that what we really craved was simplicity.

With our new mantra of 'be chill' we resolved that 50% of the blend would be a simple cider, aged on tannic apple pomace.

After over a year of conditioning in bottle, REVDOCK has achieved its destiny. In a mashup of bakery meets forest floor, this blend fuses the best of old world sparkling, velvety wood and apple skin contact.

It is funk, refined.

30 cases produced.

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