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Research Project 2
Research Project 2
Research Project 2
Research Project 2

Research Project 2

Research Project 2

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Research Project 2 is a real trip.

Made with 3 varieties from the University of Guelph's research orchard: Yarlington Mill, Ashmead's Kernel and Cline Russet.

What's it like? Think mango fizz sherbet. Or drinking orange mimosas made with Tropicana Twisters, while sucking on a Flintstones vitamin C tablet (breakfast of champions eh?).

In this scenario, you'd also be standing in a riverbed catching subtle whiffs of creekside earth.

While Research Project 2 is drinking really really well now, we suspect it'll get even better with time. We recommend setting aside your bottles in a closet for a couple of months if you have the patience.

7.9% ABV | 750mL

Some details on the apples:

Yarlington Mill is a classic old English variety. Discovered in 1898, (by a mill near the village of Yarlington) it's a low acid, bittersweet variety - perfect for balancing more common, high acid fruit.

Ashmead's Kernel really blew us away with it's incredible citrus punch notes. In my opinion, it's far better for eating out of hand than any of the stuff you see in grocery stores but it's also really great in cider. 

One of the flavour descriptors I found for it was 'Champagne-sherbet juice' and honestly, that's pretty accurate. The resulting cider has definite mimosa vibes.

Cline Russet is a new apple variety, bred by John Cline himself - the University of Guelph pomologist we got all of these unique apple varieties from last year. It was quite sweet on it's own, with the distinct russet character we know and love. I actually wish we had fermented some on it's own, but maybe next time. Cline Russet likely added to the citrus character in RP2, along with that touch of earthy funk.


$500 from this new release was donated to the RAVEN Trust. One of the key barriers to justice is the high cost of the Canadian legal system. RAVEN raises money to help First Nations tackle the big issues of treaty rights and protecting traditional land and ways of life from the relentless reach of expansion.

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