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Plum Wine
Plum Wine
Plum Wine

Plum Wine

Plum Wine

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Plum Wine is something we've fantasized about for years.

But without a pitter, we've only been able to use plums whole. But guess what? We got a pitter.

Not only were we able to stave off our pending arthritis from hand pitting stone fruit, we were also able to indulge in a little Plum Wine. Heck yeah.

We made Plum Wine from about 800lbs of freshly picked red and blue plums, grown in Niagara.

What's it like? The aroma of plums is hard to describe. It's somewhere between roses, clove and sandalwood. If you've ever eaten a plum, you'll recognize the aroma right away in this wine.

Plum wine is tart like a Granny Smith apple, but also tannic. Plum skins have that all encompassing astringency we usually associated with botanicals like horehound. 

Plum Wine begs for fatty foods - like fresh pasta doused in your best olive oil. This is a trip you definitely want to be on. 

Still, not sparkling.

7% ABV | 750mL

Ingredients: Red and blue plums. Gluten free.

Wild ferment. Zero residual sugar. Vegan.

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