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The Piquette Pack

The Piquette Pack

The Piquette Pack

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5 bottles of Piquette and 1 bottle of Ciderkin!

This pack includes 1 of each of these six 750mL bottles:

- Muscat Piquette: This drinks like biting into the freshest, ripest watermelon—garnished with marigold flowers, grapefruit zest and jolly rancher dust. In a word, it's incredible. 2.4% ABV

- Riesling Piquette: Made with Riesling skins from one of our orange wines, this piquette drinks like iced tea if you made it with grapes instead. Grippy tannins and notes of pineapple round it out. 3.98% ABV

- Cab Franc Piquette: The aroma here reminds us of harvest in a shocking way. Memories of sorting juicy, red grapes with wafts of herbal stems too. Our native yeast have turned up the funk here in all the best ways, with barnyard and horse-blanket notes (in a good way). 4.4% ABV

- Seyval Blanc Piquette: Made with both Seyval Blanc and Chardonnay skins. This blend is saline and barnyard-y with light honeydew and coconut notes throughout. 6.2% ABV

- Maréchal Foch Piquette: Vibes of dried apricots and blueberries, Foch piquette is a little out of left field - slightly strange, but just as delicious as it's cousins. 2.9% ABV

- Ciderkin!: The apple version of piquette, this is made by soaking apple pomace after it's been used to make cider. We made this Ciderkin with pomace from our carbonic macerated ida red. 2.1% ABV


Piquette is an ancient beverage that farmers used to make for themselves. Made by soaking pressed grape skins in water, and then pressing them again, piquette is petit vin or 'small wine.' That second pressing extracts the last of the grape acids, tannin and alcohol, making them light and fresh with the perfect amount of the texture and aroma of their parent wines. They're perfect for drinking at midday under the summer sun.

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