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Petra is a still wine, with just enough natural bubble to protect it without any added sulphites.

It's a single varietal De Chaunac wine, with 16 days of carbonic maceration*.

Petra is made of grapes from 35 year old vines, grown by our friend Douglas Backus in Lincoln Ontario. The grapes were hand picked by the Backus family, hand sorted by us, and bottled without any added sulphites whatsoever.

And of course, it was completely wild fermented.

What's it like? At first whiff, Petra smells like cinnamon, sugar cookies and snickerdoodle, with the classic herbal hyssop-like note we've come to expect from De Chaunac grapes.

In flavour, it's got a baker's chocolate/cacao nibs note, along with candied black cherry.

Due to a cooler, wet autumn in 2021, Petra is lower in alcohol than usual. We feel that by putting the grapes through a carbonic maceration, we're leaning into the low-abv, lending even more drinkability to the wine as a whole.

It truly doesn't need to be paired with anything—the low alcohol makes it a great lunch wine for those days when WFH life needs a little spice. Lightly chill before opening, and crush it with people you like.

7.6% ABV | 750mL

Ingredients: De Chaunac Grapes. Gluten Free.

Wild ferment. Zero residual sugar. Vegan.

*What is carbonic maceration? It's a unique fermentation technique, where you let fruit start fermenting whole, without yeast, and without oxygen. This carbon dioxide-rich environment causes proteins in the fruit to start breaking sugars down into alcohol and even more carbon dioxide.

Grapes eventually burst from the CO2 pressure produced inside of them, at which point we press them and finish the fermentation normally. This technique produces wines that are ultra fruity, with big candy-like vibes we just love.

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