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Pep is, well, quite peppy. It's a carbonic* Maréchal Foch wine, whole cluster fermented for 17 days and bottled as a pét nat for natural bubbles.

Pep was made from grapes from 50 year old vines, grown by our friend Douglas Backus in Lincoln Ontario. The grapes were hand picked by the Backus family, hand sorted by us and bottled without any added sulphites whatsoever.

What's it like? Pep is light and juicy, and so so fresh! The carbonation is high, so chill it well before opening. 

Carbonic maceration has done some cool things to Maréchal Foch. It tastes and smells like something between a grape frozen yogurt bar, cherry nibs and fresh raspberries—with a hint of something floral like elderflower. The acidity is bright and fresh, without feeling over the top.

Like many hybrid grapes, Maréchal Foch tends to make a lower alcohol wine. This was enhanced in 2021 with an unusually cold fall, but it's meant that the peppy bubbles and mega-fruity carbonic notes combined here to make something even more gluggable than we expected.

We could drink Pep all day (maybe with Margherita pizzas for lunch).

8.9% ABV | 750mL

*What is carbonic maceration? It's a unique fermentation technique, where you let fruit start fermenting whole, without yeast, and without oxygen. This carbon dioxide-rich environment causes proteins in the fruit to start breaking sugars down into alcohol and even more carbon dioxide.

Grapes eventually burst from the CO2 pressure produced inside of them, at which point we press them and finish the fermentation normally. This technique produces wines that are ultra fruity, with big candy-like vibes we just love.

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