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6.9%, 750mL


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Lucid is a Tequila barrel aged cider (from 2017), with Muscat skins from our ibi project.

A dreamy cider for lazy days. Straight-from-the-tree orchard fruit is countered with an energizing zip of acid. Think tart, red Five Alive vibes.

Tequila barrels faithfully impart their tropical spice notes. Jalapeno greens and cedar come together to envelop the cider, mellowing it over many months.

The colour of hazy June sunsets comes exclusively from the Muscat skins. A tannic kiss grounds the vibrant acid. An isosceles triangle with rounded edges.

(Can you taste in shapes? We think so.)

Highly carbed - chill overnight before opening. Open with glasses at the ready.


$500 from this release was donated to the Canadian Civil Liberties Association. They work on equality rights in relation to mental health, disability, gender, youth, immigration, refugees, race, poverty, LGBTQ2S+ rights and more. Learn more about them here:

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