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Just Vermouth

Just Vermouth

Just Vermouth

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Happy holidays! We've put together a couple gift boxes that you (or a friend, loved one, secret crush) can enjoy safely at home.

This 3-pack includes 3 sweet vermouths from our cellar. These are the last of them.

The bottles included are:

  • 1xWhistling in the Dark (red vermouth)
  • 1xPleased to Meet You (rosé vermouth)
  • 1xYou Are My Sunshine (blanco vermouth)

Who's it for? Definitely the negroni lover, or the bartender in your life.

3 Easy Cocktails

Revel Spritz

1 part The Spot You Told Me About
1 part Sparkling cider or pét nat (Pera is our fave)

Get your wine glass and add a healthy amount of ice. Pour the vermouth first, then top with the sparkling cider. Give a gentle stir, and garnish with an orange rind.

Vermouth and Tonic

1 part The Spot You Told Me About
1 part Tonic (Fever Tree's elderflower tonic is great here)

Build in a Tom Collins or wide mouth goblet. Start with the vermouth, and top with your favourite tonic. Garnish with a slice of blood orange or some fresh mint.


1 parts The Spot You Told Me About
1 part Gin (Willibald's Barrel Gin has our heart)
1 part Campari

Grab a rocks glass, add a big ice cube and each of your ingredients. Stir, and garnish with an orange rind.

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