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Daybed is the closest thing to peach wine we've ever made. But we didn't use just any old peaches for it.

We used doughnut peaches in Daybed. Close to 800 lbs.

Doughnut peaches are the quirky sibling of the peach family.

Thick-skinned, their juice is mango-like and tropical. Their flat appearance may look a little strange, but they're far more flavourful and complex than their round cousins.

After a few days of fermenting on skins, we strained the peach wine and blended it with a small portion of perry for balance.

What's it like? It's super peachy, with a whisper of pear blossoms. The acidity is a combination of soft lactic acid, and a whisper of kombucha. Tart enough to get your mouth watering.

As a whole, Daybed kind of feels like adding peaches to a savoury salad, with a little garnish of mango and pear.

Ingredients: Doughnut Peaches, Pears. Gluten free.

Wild ferment, zero residual sugar, vegan.

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