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Chisel Jersey
Chisel Jersey
Chisel Jersey

Chisel Jersey

Chisel Jersey

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Some apples are better than others.

Chisel Jersey is a true cider apple, discovered in 19th century England. It's a bittersweet variety, meaning it has elevated tannin, and sugar. It's too bitter to eat fresh, so Chisel Jersey is grown exclusively for cider.

The apples in this bottle are from the Niagara region, from trees planted 2018. We bottled this early, letting fermentation finish in bottle for natural carbonation (a technique known as a pét nat, or pétillant naturel).

And we made it without any sulphites whatsoever.

What's it like? Each flavour and aroma in this bottling is quite balanced and delightfully integrated. It has a touch of the citrus character we find in our favourite crabapples (like Hyslop) and a hint of the rubber aroma we associate with English apple varieties (like Coat Jersey). Underpinning it all are notes of peach fuzz and ripe apricot.

Tannins are present, but not overpowering. They almost trick you into thinking it spent time in barrel, but it didn't. Soft, natural carbonation gives it just enough energy without distracting from the fruit.

6.5% ABV | 750mL

Ingredients: Chisel Jersey Apples. Gluten free.

Wild fermented, zero added sugar, vegan friendly.

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