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Sampler Pack

Sampler Pack

Sampler Pack

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The 12 pack includes 3 of each of the cans below, while the 24 pack includes 6 of each at a nice discount.

The cans included are:

Time and Place: Our flagship cider, aged on crabapple pomace for soft tannins and ripe orchard aromatics. 6.5% ABV

Sonata: A cider with apples and Montmorency cherries, Sonata is the Montmorency cherry cider at it’s finest. Tart with cherry blaster fruit notes and soft tannins, interwoven with notes of sweet almond. 6.5% ABV

Mithras: Cider with fresh nectarines and sassafras. Punchy stone fruit with a soft herbal sweetness. Mithras drinks like a warm day with no agenda. 6.7% ABV

Perry de Coupage: A blend of young and aged perry with the best characteristics of both. Fresh pear aromatics mingle with the body of oak and the mature acid profile of aged Perry. 5.5% ABV

Each can in our sampler pack is gluten free and vegan.


New to Revel? Start with the Sampler Pack.

We treat cider like natural wine. That means everything we make is wild fermented and unfiltered. Our fruit and botanicals are grown locally or foraged in the wild.

We don't add any sugar either, making our ciders truly dry - perfect for solo nights after work or casual days with friends.

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