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Wisp Pack

Wisp Pack

Wisp Pack

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Wisp is our name for a series of low alcohol, ACV (apple cider vinegar) based blends inspired by cocktails like the Shrub.

This is a mixed pack of two Wisps: Apricot Wisp, and Soif Spritz.

The 12 pack contains 6 of each blend, and the 24 pack has 12 of each.

Apricot Wisp: This blend is sour. If you're not into sour beer or kombucha, this isn't for you. Apricot Wisp is a blend of apricot cider, unpasteurized cider vinegar, bergamot and  mineral rich water. It drinks like a tart apricot kombucha, with limes and canteloupe melons.

It's kind of like a sour beer made friends with a fruit salad. If you find it too tart, we like mixing it with a little sparkling tonic (Fever Tree Elderflower is a favourite). 

3.8% ABV | 355mL

Soif Spritz: Soif Spritz is highly carbonated. Please ensure you refrigerate it for 2 hours before opening, or it will gush.

A blend of cherries, strawberries, Zweigelt grapes, cider vinegar and water. Soif Spritz is a low abv version of our bestselling bottle Soif. 

The addition of cider vinegar and water from our local aquifer has softened the berries, making them taste as if we put them through a lacto-fermentation first. Soif Spritz is big strawberry in the aroma, with soft cherry and grape tannins on your tongue. It's plush and easy, the perfect summer crusher.

3.2% ABV | 355mL


Each blend is wild fermented with zero added sugar. Like all our blends, both are vegan.

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