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Skin Contact Vidal
Skin Contact Vidal
Skin Contact Vidal

Skin Contact Vidal

Skin Contact Vidal

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Cans are made of chill. Toes in the grass, breezy Augusts, Tuesday afternoons. Cans of skin contact Vidal are here.

What's it like? Pineapples in a beach towel. Daymoon acidity. In lees instead of on lees. Saline.

We wanted to push the aroma over the edge so 10% of the blend is a nectarine cider. It’s a wide flavour palate, a mixture of tropical and temperate fruits. Honeycombs and stone fruit.

These cans are made for early drinking. Fresh and friendly.

10.5% ABV | 375mL

Ingredients: Vidal, apples, nectarines. Gluten free.

Zero grams of sugar. Naturally fermented. Vegan friendly.

Please note!: These cans are sparkling and must be chilled before opening. We like to think of them as 2 generous glasses of wine each.

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